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I'm 21 years old and currently attending Fox Valley Technical College for my second degree in IT Cybersecurity. Here, I'm learning critical skills I'll be using for the rest of my life.

In my early years, way before I took an interest in IT, I liked the idea of electricity and wiring. Having this early interest made an impression late in my life. I've been working with enterprise hardware (Juniper, Cisco, PaloAlto, Dell, HP, Supermicro) and Linux distributions like Ubuntu & CentOS for six years. Most of what I know has been through extensive trial and error in my home lab, which I take a lot of pride in, while I wouldn't recommend anyone else home-host. I've also had the pleasure to work alongside many great IT departments.

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07 Years of Experience with Linux Specifically Ubuntu and CentOS

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services I offer

I have a wide range of skillsets in my belt. Below are some of my specialties.
This is generally how my pricing works. However, these rates may change depending on server count, time dedication, and job difficulty.

Infrastructure Monitoring

For less than one dollar a day, I can monitor your system's health and ensure all operations are running smoothly. However, the price of this plan increases with the server count.


Linux Administration

I can do a wide range of things with Linux, see services page for more specific skills. This is my standard pricing for all things Linux.


Network Administration

I'm able to assist you with both the physical and virtual side of networking. I have experience with VLAN, LAG protocols, NAT, Port Forwarding, Static Routes, and more.


Remote Hands

I can be your remote hands conducting work in your data center rack or cage. Currently, I only do hands-on work in the United States, pending passport.


past work &
Recently completed projects

New project in progress!

Recently a handful of network engineers/devlopers and myself started creating a series of "patches" that prevent malicious Minecraft plugins from abusing host networking resources. For more information, or if you'd like to apply these patches to the Pterodactyl Panel, click here.

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CTO and Founder

ArgoStudios LLC.

Chief Technical Officer

The Crafting Dead

Network Systems Administrator


Interim Systems Administrator

Byteania LTD

Network Analyst

Longshot Network

Network Systems Administrator

pending certifications

Fox Valley Technical College's IT Administration Program does a fantastic job of preparing students for a wide range of IT certifications. Below are the ones my program is requiring me to complete;

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I've had the pleasure of working alongside many unique individuals for a wide range of purposes. Take a peek at some of my reputations;

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Or you could add me via Discord: Riley#0457

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