services I offer

I have a wide range of skillsets in my belt, below are some of my specialties.
this is generally how my pricing works. However, these rates may change depending on server count, time dedication, and job difficulty.

Infastructure Monitoring

  1. Network Health
  2. Server Health
  3. Application Health
  4. Zabbix/Grafana
  5. Ptero Panel Monitoring
  6. Monthly Services

  7. Hire

Linux Administration

  1. Ptero Installs
  2. Mailcow/
  3. Proxmox Services
  4. FreeNAS
  5. SSH, SFTP, FTP Services
  6. Nginx/Apache Configs
  7. So much more!

  8. Hire

Network Administration

  1. Physical Networking
  2. Virtual Networking
  3. Proxmox Networking
  4. App Security
  5. UFW/Firewall
  6. Link Agregation
  7. NAT/Port Forwarding
  8. Routing/Addressing
  9. Network Schematics
  10. So much more!

  11. Hire

VPN Protection

  1. Protect Endpoints
  2. Restrict Access
  3. Access/Login Audit
  4. Site-Site Option
  5. Up-to 5 Users
  6. Light & Efficient
  7. Metered Bandwidth
  8. 3Gbps Uplink
  9. So much more!

  10. Contact

Not seeing what you're looking for?

I haven't listed all of my skills on this site, instead, I went over the things I work with most often/most recently. If you're looking for assistance with something else, don't be afraid to reach out to me via Discord or Email, odds are I'll be able to help! Expect a reply back within 1-2 business days (via email). For quicker communication, please add me via Discord.

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