let me introduce myself...

I'm 18 years old, and currently attending Fox Valley Technical College for Network and System Administration. Here, I'm learning critical skills I'll be using for the rest of my life.

In my early years, way before I took an interest in IT, I liked the idea of electricity and wiring. Having this early interest made an impression late in my life. I've been working with enterprise hardware (Juniper, Cisco, PaloAlto, Dell, HP, Supermicro) and Linux distributions like Ubuntu & CentOS for six years. Most of what I know has been through extensive trial and error in my home lab, which I take a lot of pride in, while I wouldn't recommend anyone else home-host.

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Identity & Contact

UPDATE : A snapchat account has been made using my name. Please be aware that I only do communication through Discord and Email.

It's not common for people to use my name, or pretend to be me. My only Discord is Riley#0457, and my business email is hello [@] rileynevins.com. If you're aware of someone using my identity, please report it to me.

On a secondary note, all incoming mail is extensivley scanned for spam and other red-flags. If you're using an email address with little (good) reputation, odds are, I will not receive your email. Please contact me over Discord instead.

06 Years Experience Working With Enterprise Systems

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hello [@] rileynevins.com