my first company

Founded in 2016 by a handful of likeminded high school students, shifting from a passionate project to profit. Our mssion is to provide affordable and quality VPN services, with key features like Ad/Malware blocking.

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  • Company: AstroVPN LLC.
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I founded AstroVPN during my sophomore year of high school, as a way to unblock different social media platforms. We started with a handful of local students, who were also interested in this IT field. Over the past few years, our goals as a company have shifted dramatically. We now have a team of twelve from several countries around the world, all freely contributing their knowledge and opinions.

Every element of our company has been coded in house, everything from our API to our custom client applications. Our product is not quite ready to be used by the general public at this time, however, you can still be a part of our community. Click the button below to join our Discord server.